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About the Company

We are able to complete challenging tasks of logistics.
We are interested in finding optimal solutions.
We help our customers to be successful.
We value knowledge and experience of our employees.
Each of us is evolving and growing with the company.

The company “Logitek” is all-Russian customs representative, rendering logistics services in the field of foreign trade.

The specialists of “Logitek” are highly skilled professionals and have many years’ experience dealing with the logistics issues and integrated logistical support of business operations of large companies and holdings. “Logitek” is staffed with vehicle specialists, customs clearance specialists and logisticians - all having the experience with large and developed companies.

The specialists of “Logitek” apply “door-to-door” method of the complex logistics. This type of service includes the following operations:

  • Customs clearance;
  • International cargo traffic;
  • International freight forwarding;
  • Cargo handling in warehouses of other states;
  • Cargo consolidation;
  • Cargo storage and handling at Russian and foreign stocks;
  • Cargo delivery in Moscow and in other regions through a courier service.
    • we are willing to provide:

      • preliminary review of documents on foreign trade transaction;
      • advice and guidelines on drafting of foreign economic contract and amendments thereto;
      • classification of goods under Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature of the Russian Federation;
      • determination of non-tariff regulation measures;
      • assessment of customs duties;
      • definition of the list and acquisition of documents for customs clearance;
      • assistance in obtaining permits, certificates - mandatory, voluntary certification;
      • preparation of customs bill of entry and its submission to the customs authorities;
      • absolute control over the customs procedures;
      • international transportation of all types of cargo, including hazardous and oversized cargo, by sea, air and road;
      • customs clearance of product line cargo;

      main objectives of “logitek” are the following:

      • To establish all possible conditions for the customer to do business more efficiently, to meet customer demand for services making economic sense that will increase product’s use value;
      • To establish all possible conditions for effectiveness of partners’ business, to meet their needs in the strategic business growth by ensuring system interaction and integration of business models;
      • To work at its own business achievement and improve its services, to reach stable leading position in the professional market of integrated logistics services through productive system relations with major customers and strategic partners.

      The specialists of “Logitek” faced situation where it was necessary to organize transportation of complex cargo many times, so they have practical experience in working with similar product. We are willing to transport heavy, costly, technically complex, dangerous, high-tech, oversized, assortment cargo and other goods that need professional ways to ensure effective risk control, high qualification, experience and liability when arranging transportation. Our staff will always find comprehensive logistics solutions which are of the most benefit to the customer as they are motivated by the interest in the strategic development of the company, in personal and professional growth, as well as by initiative, responsibility, capacity for work and a desire to achieve optimal results.



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