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Cargo insurance

Today more and more businesses are aware of the importance of insurance as a tool to protect their financial interests.

The company “Logitek”, rendering logistics services, seeks to secure its customers against all risks associated with cargo transportation and storage. Therefore, one of the options is cargo insurance in large insurance companies which ensures guaranteed compensation of material damage upon the occurrence of insured events.

We offer cargo insurance against all risks: damage, total or partial loss, disappearance, etc. The insurance is valid at all stages of cargo delivery, from its loading on the vehicle to discharging at the customer’s warehouse.

We provide cargo insurance to its overall value specified in the invoice and issue the original insurance policy to the customer (in this case, the beneficiary can be both customer and our company).

The cost of insurance is determined individually, depending on the nature of cargo, transportation route, mode of transport, cargo value, etc.

The main thing for our company is to ensure cargo safety and delivery on time.

Peace of mind of our customers is our primary concern.

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