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Customs Card

Conducting foreign trade activities with small, medium and large businesses, “Logitek” LLC builds relationships on three main principles of long-term cooperation - transparency, reliability and custom-tailored approach.

We offer professional financial partnership to companies - participants of foreign economic activities. One of the focus areas of our Company is enabling customers to pay customs duties via РАУHD.

The traditional practice of advance payment of customs duties leads to:

  • labor efforts for accounting customs advance payments broken down by:
    • customs points;
    • types of payments (import duty, VAT and other charges);
    • each transfer order.
  • additional diversion of working capital (average 30 to 50% “freeze” of the monthly payments) due to:
    • maintenance of balances on personal accounts at the customs house;
    • advance payments within 2-3 business days;
    • progressive use of payment;
    • weekend effect.

The alternative is use of РАУHD payment service provided by “Logitek” LLC

We effect customs payments in the online mode using the РАУHD service:

  • through terminals at the customs point;
  • remotely through customer’s personal area on the website of the system.

РАУНD Payment System is a new and very effective tool for organizing foreign trade activities.

РАУНD Payment System

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