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Logistics consulting

Any state is trying to protect domestic interests and therefore border crossing is often the main “obstacle” for goods imports and exports without the services of a customs representative. But despite the rigidity and stubbornness of regulatory bodies, export or import transactions can be executed quickly and without unforeseen costs. Foreign trade practice shows that regulatory prescriptions are met acutely and timely, in a convenient and simple way thanks to cargo clearance services of brokerage companies.

Customs legislation is unstable and is amended frequently. All legislation changes are difficult to track and even large companies with the whole staff of lawyers sometimes face challenges when the practice of cargo clearance is irregular.

The company “Logitek” is one of the leading companies rendering services in all areas of foreign trade, including customs clearance, cargo storage, transportation, insurance and consulting.

Professionalism and focus on comprehensive solutions on a “complete package of services from one hand” principle have become, according to our partners, the key to success. Impeccable service and flexible pricing policy are the principles which “Logitek” applies in its activity.

The company “Logitek” is one of the few companies which reached out to almost all the major regions of Russia with their activity. Having gained the status of the All-Russian Customs Representative, “Logitek” arrived at a higher quality level in the customs clearance service market.

Our company saves time and money and provides full package of forwarding services on a long-term basis at fixed rates.

Our philosophy is comprehensive task performance.

You can calculate the cost of customs clearance by forming an application on our website.

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