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Some executives of companies that import products from abroad (or supply products for export), do not even stop to think that it is realistic to reduce the cost of delivery and customs clearance and to do it with maximum efficiency and legally!

Another part of company executives thinks about it but does not know how it can be done.

The company “Logitek” offers a full range of services in the field of outsourcing for development of customer’s core business. It's simple: you authorize us to act on your behalf as a foreign trade agent. We represent you in all authorities and act as a party to foreign trade transaction. So you accomplish import or export task with minimal involvement in the process.

Working with us, you will not have to waste time monitoring multiple carriers, customs representatives, brokers, logisticians, tracking the differences and nuances of customs and other types of legislation of different countries, recent changes in the legal and regulatory frameworks and advocating their interests in regulatory agencies. You do not need to increase your company’s staff - our skilled professionals will fulfill all this work.

We offer various partnership options - it can include both simple advisory work to reduce the costs of your company in the course of international economic activity and implementation of the scheme when you specify your supplier and the desired date of cargo delivery to your warehouse and we perform the full scope of necessary work in a quality manner and in due time.

We hold complete control over the quality and performance time, we are always open to our customers by providing complete and accurate information at each stage of rendering of foreign trade services.

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